Tips for Selling a House in Today’s Market

How to Sell a HouseWe are currently in a “seller’s market” where buyers are demanding homes, which makes now a great time to sell your home.  However, there is a lot more to selling a home than simply sticking a For Sale sign in your front yard.

The good news is that in this type of market, things move quickly.  The bad news is that in this type of market, things move quickly…so you must be prepared before you start fielding offers.

Here are a few tips to help get you ready to sell your home quickly in today’s housing market.

  1. Price Your Home to Move:  Traditional wisdom says to price your house with lots of extra wiggle room for haggling; however, in today’s market, this could price you out of consideration.  Homes are priced to move, so to prevent your house from being left behind to sit on the market indefinitely, price it to sell.
  2. Market Your Home: A sign out front isn’t enough.  Make sure you work with a real estate agent that will market your home.  Help get the message out yourself by sharing information on your own social media pages, like Facebook or Pinterest.  Also, give your realtor plenty of opportunities to show your home (in other words, don’t just consider one open house good enough to catch the attention of the right buyers in today’s marketplace).
  3. Set the Stage: Don’t cut corners when it comes to staging.  You might consider hiring someone to stage your house for you.  A professional stager knows how to create a mood that grabs buyers and sells homes quickly, making this splurge one that could make your home stand out and put you ahead of the other house options in the area.
  4. Make a Plan with Your Realtor: Sit down with your realtor and discuss how you plan on handling multiple offers before the process starts.  Determine what’s most important to you and advise your realtor on the types of offers you will most seriously consider.  This will allow your DeSoto County Realtor to prioritize offers and streamline the process.

Ready to start the process of selling your home?  Contact me and let’s get you sold!

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