Why Work with a Realtor

work with a realtorIn today’s digital age, with so much information available at your fingertips, many people wonder if they really need to work with a realtor or if they can buy and/or sell a home on their own.  While there are some people who are able to do this successfully, trying to buy or sell a home on your own is risky business and not something most of us should attempt.

For those of you who have ever wondered what are the advantages come with working with a licensed realtor, here are five good reasons for you to consider:

  • A Realtor Will Have the Education, Experience, and Expertise: Instead of trying to become an expert yourself, why wouldn’t you hire someone who has spent years in the industry, who knows the ins and outs, and who understands how to avoid the potential pitfalls that come with inexperienced buying and selling of property?  A licensed realtor knows the laws and industry requirements and can guide you through the entire process.  With an experienced realtor in your corner, just think of all the time you can save researching how to do it yourself and how much more time you can spend doing things you love instead…like watching cat videos!
  • A Realtor Will Have Your Back: Throughout the course of the process, your realtor will have your back fielding calls and questions from the buyer’s agents, handling general inquiries, and managing showing appointments on your behalf.  A realtor will also be able to filter calls and emails, ensuring you only have to respond to qualified offers, which will save you time and keep your stress level down.
  • A Realtor Knows the Neighborhood and How to Price for Success: Realtors are entrenched in the areas they serve, so they have the knowledge about your neighborhood and surrounding areas.  As such, they are familiar with growth prediction trends, pricing stats and comps, and selling cycles.  They will know how to price and sell your house quickly based on market conditions and will your advisor, guiding you through the purchase process, ensuring you don’t overpay for your area or it’s expected future growth.
  • A Realtor is a Skilled Negotiator and Can Handle the Paperwork:  An experienced, top producing realtor will be able to negotiate far better than the average buyer or seller — partly because of their years of experience and partly because they are emotionally removed from the transaction.  They are trained to present a client’s best interest and are skilled in the art of negotiation.  A seasoned realtor is also able to quickly balance and process all of the required paperwork, ensuring that you’ll never miss a deadline or incur excessive fees for misfilings or late filings.
  • A Realtor Forms a Long-term Relationship:  When you work with a realtor, you will form a long-term relationship, one that will last long after closing.  As a trusted advisor, they will be available for calls and consultation for years to come.  As with most relationships, it will grow over time and you’ll discover extra benefits, like those that come with referrals, both to and from your realtor, and their availability and willingness to support you in a future real estate transaction.

Ready to get started selling your current house or buying your dream home?  Contact me and let me help guide you through the entire process!

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